YogAlign/Postural Alignment

Let Us Help You Improve Your Posture!

Julie Kay of True Nature Acupuncture, LLC teachs a gentle and easy posture alignment method called YogAlign.

Learn how to maintain this amazing vehicle of a body with grace and happiness instead of pain and disappointment. Cultivating correct movement and posture protects and supports spinal health and decreases pain not only of the spine but of all the joints in our body!

YogAlign tones and balances the fascia lines connecting the front and back body through a series of movements and an increase in awareness of how we carry ourselves through our day. Once you learn it, it becomes a natural and beneficial way to live!

Julie trained in YogAlign as a result of her own hip and back pain that was being aggravated from traditional yoga postures. YogAlign aids in supporting and helping your body move in a way as it was naturally designed. YogAlign uses self massage, breathing that engages the muscles that effect the spine, and tensing muscles of the body in a manner that results in released tension. YogAlign gets us out of pain by balancing the muscles and tendons, supporting the integrity of joints and facilitating good posture.

“YogAlign has helped me to stay pain free and is truly a way I take care of my body. Using our bodies in the way they were designed to move relieves pain! It is a game changer for so many people!”"

Julie teaches YogAlign both individually and in groups.