Nutrition Response Testing

Our bodies are amazing in their ability to survive insults and maintain health. However, increased toxins in our environment, stress and unhealthy lifestyle choices can result in more complex layers of health challenges. Nutrition Response Testing is a non-invasive way of analyzing the Body’s neurological response to find underlying causes of health issues. Similar to acupuncture, it utilizes the bodies ability to rebuild and repair itself with appropriate nutritional supplementation and lifestyle changes. Julie underwent this extensive training in Nutrition Response Testing in order to help clients that were not responding to treatment as quickly as she would like.

A commitment to at least 6 sessions is required to fine tune an individuals supplement program. After that, observation and testing is done less frequently over 90 day healing cycles with the goal being optimal functioning. Often there are layers of healing that occur during this time.

Nutrition Response Testing Testimonial

I speak to any/all of you who are lucky enough to have found your way to True Nature Acupuncture. I have been getting nutritional counseling from Julie Kay for awhile now and have been very satisfied with her skills. I've received nutritional counseling for a good part of my adult life and was surprised she found I had a form of radon poisoning from my basement I've been sleeping in for over 17 years. Not one of my nutritional counselors before her had found such a result. I had my basement mitigated and though I'd been exposed to radon for an extended period of time we worked on heavy metal contamination in my body and rid of it within a few months. Important information to find out. She is straight forward but gentle in her approach to telling you her findings which are sometimes not easy to hear but not scary either. Her office environment is very relaxing, her time management is always on and she returns phone calls about any concerns you might have in a timely manner. Overall very professional in her approach to her business and your health concerns.

Julie receives my highest recommendation for anyone considering her services on your own health and well-being journey. May you flourish in your life with her caring ways and be happy you have come to find her. Best of health to all

Wendy Park, C.N.A.

Vitamin B12 injections (methylcobalamine)

B12 does so many things for us! It is involved in tissue repair, red blood cell production and the protection of nerves just to name a few. B12 injections benefit athletes, vegetarians, people with neuropathy, women who bleed a lot during their menstrual cycle as well as pregnant and breastfeeding women, those with type 2 diabetes, Chrones disease, and pernicious anemia. It can also help those taking antacids, as they deplete B12 levels, as well as people who drink alcohol on a regular basis. Some get B12 injections to help them loose weight, and combat fatigue, forgetfulness, confusion and insomnia.