Acupuncture and Chinese herbal formulas are a natural way
to treat depression, anxiety insomnia and stress.

Girl meditatingFunctional MRIs have shown that acupuncture has a calming and modulating effect on the amygdala which is the center of our emotional nervous system (the limbic system). Oriental Medicine views unbalanced or strong emotions as having a major impact on the function of our organs and overall health and well-being. Strong emotions can also be a result of an internal organ imbalance according to Chinese medicine. Addressing inward organ disharmonies and strong emotional reactions to outer experiences is key to creating a peaceful existence. Cognitive Polar Transformation(CPT) (also referred to as Toggling), is one technique similar to meditation that helps people put strong emotions into perspective. It is based on Chinese Medical theory. CPT helps people see their emotions for what they are…just another form of energy. Many report being better able to deal with unpleasant emotions and no longer feel that their emotions are controlling them.

CPT can be incorporated before receiving acupuncture or during a separate session.


More information:  www.toggleit.com
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